Personal Effectiveness

Improving personal effectiveness is never an accident. While persistence is always a characteristics of a successful individual, continual discovery  and improvement of yourself and your competency are most important to stay relevant to an ever changing environment.

Self Discovery

Indeed, one of the most important mission in our life is to know ourselves.  Following are some tools that you can use to get to know yourself better.

For all age group:

  1. How Self-Motivated are you?
  2. How Good are Your Leadership Skills?
  3. How Good is Your Time Management?
  4. How Good are You in Solving Problems?
  5. Motivated Strategies for Learning

For teenagers:

  1. What is Your Learning Styles?
  2. Which Study Habits can You Improve?
  3. How Strong is Your Character?

Self Improvement

I am one who believe in energy management more than time management and I hope the following articles and questionnaire will be helpful to you:

  1. Are you headed for an Energy Crisis?
  2. What is your Wheel of Life?

“It is good to believe in yourself; even better if the people who know you agree.” – Arthur D Rosenberg


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