2017: Omakase Coach & Trainer

For those who are new to this word ‘omakase’, it is a Japanese phrase that means “I will leave it up to you”. When such an item is ordered in a Japanese restaurant by any customer, one would be expecting the following:

  • An innovative chef that presents his culinary creativity for your dining pleasure
  • A selection of dishes that entice multiple senses of the customer: sight (visual), hearing (auditory), taste (savour), smell (aroma) and touch (connect)
  • creates a WOW! factor, leaving a lasting impression that makes you crave for more!

Having worked hard for 2016, I decided to give myself a good year-end treat to Omakase at Chikuwa Tei! As I was savouring each delicacy with great satisfaction, something begins to brew in my mind:

  • An innovative trainer/coach that presents his/her creativity for one’s learning pleasure…
  • A selection of methodology that entice multiple senses & intelligence of the participants: sight (visual learning), hearing (auditory learning), taste (beauty of good connection with trainer and other participants), smell (touchbase with individual core) and touch (kinesthetic learning)
  • creates a WOW! factor that leaves a craving for endless learning!

Indeed, I want to thank many participants who have attended my training/ coaching and participated enthusiastically! I am grateful to their sharing of knowledge and have learnt so much from personal life stories. Some even left messages to encourage me to continue the good work and ever striving to be better!

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  • “You are really very good in teaching and coaching. I enjoyed your lesson very much.” – Lam
  • “I would like to thank you very much for your guidance and teachings in the past two days as it had been really engaging and fruitful to my learning.” – Hafiz
  • “Thank you so much for a really great workshop early! You have boosted our morale and taught us so much and I am sure all of us are ready to re- start our job search in an effective way.” – Bek
  • “TO ME YOU ARE THE BEST TRAINER I EVER HAD and thank you for making us ALIVE during your class” – Moe
  • “I wanted to thank you for the great two days workshop. It was well presented, very informative and enjoyable.” – Kenneth
  • “Thank you for being an inspiration in what you do and for being out there to make an impact in the lives of others. You are definitely one of the most interesting mentors I’ve met.” – Jason
  • “It was great attending your workshop. I have great fun and learnt a lot.” – Eric
  • Thank you for your energetic two days workshop. It is indeed refreshing to relearn in new perspective and helping me to polished up ready for the next job interview.” – Andy
  • “Thank you very much for your help and guidance during the recent course. It really helped me a lot and gain my confident.” – Azmi
  • “Thank you for the effort you have put in during the two days course. I really benefit a lot after attended the course. Now, I am more confident and well prepare for future interview.” – Lan
  • “Thank you . Glad I came back to Singapore and ran into you conducting the workshop. What a pleasant surprise and the high standard of Singaporean. I am not disappointment at all.” – Lynn
  • “Thanks for the insightful sharing during the 2 days workshop. I learnt a lot and got a lot of positive energy from you as well as from the others.” – Mahane
  • “Thank you for the 2 days of coaching, I have thoroughly enjoyed your course and it has broadened my horizons.” – Crystal

Thank you everyone for the lovely gift and yes, I want to become an Omakase Coach and Trainer!

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Working and living in Yangon

It has been always been one of my dreams to work overseas for an extended period of time.  Having grown up and lived in Singapore for a decent 40 years, I tell myself if I am not going to fulfill this dream on my bucket list now, it may never happen.  I was fortunate to be offered a teaching position in a few different countries, but it was Myanmar that got my attention and this is where I am now.

Living in Mandalay for a year and now in Yangon for the last 9 months has been an interesting experience for me.   There was never a dull moment working with colleagues of six different nationalities and students from more than ten nationalities.  While my colleagues and I may embrace different cultures and perspectives in life, we had the common goal of bringing International Education to the doorstep of this third world country.  I am certain we have gained much from this experience and will leave this country more enriched and with a great sense of fulfillment.

My single entry working visa last me for a good 70 days before I can return to Singapore to be with my family.  Whenever I am home sick, I would find comfort food in Union Bar & Grill (near the Strand Hotel), one of my favorite hiding places downtown.  I love the ambience and most of the dishes on the menu, not to forget the daily Happy Hour from 5 to 7 pm.  If you happen to be in this part of the world, don’t forget to visit this restaurant or buzz me to meet up coz I am part of the Couchsurfing community 🙂

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Dinner @ Ocean Kingdom Seafood Restaurant

Dinner @ Ocean Kingdom Seafood Restaurant


I had a wonderful gathering with my friends at the Ocean Kingdom Seafood Restaurant (382 Jo Chiat Road Singapore 427622).

We had their Signature Chilli Crab & Black Pepper Crab (each about 1 kg).  I enjoyed dipping the steam bun in the chilli crab gravy which has a subtle taste of lemon grass.  The pork ribs were marinated with red wine & cooked in red wine, and the vegetable & tofu, a necessity to a balanced meal, was tasty & refreshing.

Oh yes, I would definitely go back for the beer garden that looks really cosy & welcome 🙂

Rating: 4/5

Botak Backyard in Singapore

‘Botak Jones’ outlet (http://www.botakjones.com/) is no stranger to many Singaporean.  You can find them in many heartlanders coffeeshop or hawker centre & they serve generous portion of Western food such as steaks & burgers.

Recently, I found out that they have a new outlet named ‘Botak Backyard’ at Dempsey (http://www.botaksbackyard.com/).  The backyard is a quick getaway from the busy lifestyle in the city, relaxing with good company & good food.  I like the cosy feeling & the convenience since I don’t drive.

Rating: 4/5 (Thumbs up for the dessert Affagato)