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Udders @ Novena, Singapore

Dear Susan Lim,

I know you the day you were born… Cry of the first grandchild, a granddaughter..  There were mixed feelings in the male-dominant family because the family tradition prefers the first cry to be from a boy.  Never would they know how this single-eyelid baby girl’s life would be so different and charming, beyond their expectations, and yours..

Growing up in a conservative background where girls do not have big dreams except to be a faithful wife and a caring mother, you find yourself a misfit.  You are independent and always so curious.  You challenge the beliefs that you are expected to embrace without questioning.  You wanted a different life..

While you enjoyed coaching your classmates and younger schoolmates with their school assignments, your favorite moments were spent in the band room with your band mates.  You took pride in your contribution as a clarinetist and staff sergeant in your eleven years in the military band.  Many among your peers wanted to become a teacher but you wanted more. You wish for a dream job that allows you to travel so that you can see the world, to experience a cross-cultural working environment.

During your short stint working with a recruiter and an event organizer, you were expected to go on short business trips overseas.  Somehow, it didn’t work out as well as you expected and you ended up a teacher through God’s amazing intervention…

IMGP3063   4e4 2009 jolene hosin

You had the privileged to work with the Ministry of Education, Singapore for 16 years and had attended more than a thousand workshops, both locally and overseas.  You had gained much professionally as well as personally as the opportunities for active learning is vast.  Even though you left the service in Singapore in 2012, the life-long learner attitude remains as you continue my journey as an educator in Myanmar. Your mission is to make a difference (M.A.D.).

993937_501605359921454_1279497111_nYou have always been a passionate educator and have taken an avid interest in sharing your knowledge with others, to your best ability.  You lead the staff in professional growth through examination of their teaching ability during your short stint in Mandalay and Yangon.  The regular meetings offered teachers systematic growth and development, as well as aligning to the standards in assessment and evaluation.

10458333_10152346357819279_6338251784259702674_nOne of your greatest joy was to meet a group of dedicated local teachers from Yangon at a Teacher’s Sharing Workshop during RVi Group’s
2014 Global Education Fair.  Their hunger for knowledge and desire to educate the young generation to lead the future was no less compared to many of us.  


Backpacking at Alice Springs, 2004

In your 20s, it was work and travel.  You invested much time developing your competencies as a teacher and you brought the students on overseas trips.  In your 30s, you left Singapore to study and live in Melbourne, Australia for a year.  Living overseas rock your world and perspective, you came back with an extreme makeover..


My first pair of pink running shoes

You started running and signed up for your first 5 km run organized by the Great Eastern Women race in 2007, continued running a few more 5 km race before running your first 10 km race in 2010.  You learned Zumba Fitness for a good 6 years before you got yourself a license to teach.  You backpacked and hosted more than 30 couchsurfers from different parts of the world.  The cross-cultural experience makes you hunger for more..

Now, you are in your 40s.  While some of your peers are experiencing mid-life crisis, life is never a dull moment for you.  In 2013, you ran at the augural 10 km race in Yangon organized by the YOMA International. Besides running for the first time race overseas, you began a new chapter of your life working and living in Myanmar..

It has been 2 years since you first stepped into Myanmar; one in Mandalay as a teaching vice-principal and now a teaching principal in Yangon, Myanmar.  While the learning curve was steep and you went through the baptism of fire, you have pleasantly surprised many, including yourself, by providing the school with the effective leadership much needed.

After being away from Singapore for slightly more than 2 years, you decided to return to Singapore to reconnect with the people and country your love.  How would your life journey continue to unfold? I can’t wait to hear more from you!

Your truly,



5 thoughts on “About me

    1. Hi Sherry! Mingalabar (greetings from Myanmar)!
      Thank you the note. I am already in my 40s & honestly, life is too short to be wasted. You have a good spirit of adventure too. Be blessed 🙂 Susan

  1. hey Sussan,

    I got this blog through Linkedin I am exploring opportunities as a Visual Art teacher. I am working with Singapore international School Mumbai India. Please let me know f there is any vacancy in your organization.


    1. Hi there, thank you for writing. Unfortunately we are not recruiting any teachers for this semester. We will keep you in mind should we need another Art teacher.

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