2016: Resilience Year End

As I wrap up 2016 and say farewell to the leap year, I am both amazed and grateful at the many surprising changes in me. There again, I would say everything was so deliberate, leaving nothing chance. So, lets count my blessings from A to Z…

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  • Akira – The Singapore brand that I adore for home appliances
  • Brave – ready to face challenges with courage and endure discomfort
  • Carousell -online consumer marketplace where I sell brand new or 2nd hand stuff
  • Daiso – everything is $2, a marketplace that I purchase my stationary and storage
  • ezbuy – online consumer marketplace that offers reasonable shippment price
  • Fun – to always induce fun in my work as it is a choice, not an outcome
  • Get Active – free exercise that I can participate to boost my endorphin!
  • Hawker Centre – local & international food at reasonable price
  • InTouch – daily devotion for meditation
  • JBL portable bluetooth speaker – it is waterproof and speaks volume! Love it!
  • Keep my eyes on Jesus, the creator of life (Psalm 16:8, Hebrews 12:2)
  • Linkedln – professional networking and learning platform
  • Meiji – cannot resist the milk, ice cream & snacks…
  • NaNa – my lovely puppy who just turned one year old this December!!
  • Overdrive – limitless ebook and audiobooks from local libraries (NLB Mobile)
  • Purposeful -to think and act intentionally
  • Quota – being part of the YouEconomy & determining my own sales quota
  • Relax – weekday is the new weekend 🙂
  • Samsung Galaxy Phone – my lifeline for business and social
  • TED – online platform sharing ideas through videos & playlists
  • Uniqlo – my favourite hunting ground for high end fashion wear at reasonable price
  • Viu – unlimited downloading of K-Drama
  • WordPress – where I could blog for free
  • Xiaomi band – my fitness & sleep tracker, incoming phone & message alert
  • Yoga – simple yoga for 20, 40 and 60 min
  • Zumba Fitness – my favorite dance sports!

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