2016: Empowerment Year End

2016 has indeed been an empowering year when I decided to take the leap of faith to change the way I work and live, to become a part of the YouEconomy.

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When did the desire for the change start?

It started when I was working in Myanmar. While the world is experience an economic downtown, I felt that a new economy was rising at the same time. The world is limitless and the global network of people who are taking the future of work into their own hands simply intrigue me. The sense of security found full-time employment has expired..

Image result for changeWhy the change?

I do not have big plans for more money. I just wanted to (1) experience a new way of living, and (2) building/re-building futures of the people I meet, such as carving a personalized route to success with them. I want to continue creating a legacy that impact and enrich lives. Progress is impossible without change. and make sure the change is good.

Who was affected by the change?

Inevitably, I have to make changes in my life and am the most affected by the change. As I stand at the starting line of race, I promise myself that it would be a movement toward a better life, a marathon worth running. Every change provides new choices, opportunities, and challenges. I have to create positive options for myself, as well as my family and friends, focusing on the Circle of Influence rather than the Circle of Concerns. To ensure that change is not senseless, I need to begin with end in mind and ensure the change is intentional.

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Image result for wheel of lifeHow did I do it?

While embracing the YouEconomy requires a minset change, it also demands a good understanding of ourselves, be it our strengths/weaknesses, priorities in life and core belief/value system. Instead of just using the Wheel of Life to visualize my life and to chart changes to improve my live, I also use it as a tool to recreate my career pathway roadmap.


What does change mean to me?

One of the biggest lesson I have learnt is to be ultimately responsible for my own career and ‘learning to feel comfortable being uncomfortable‘. I am now a member of the multi-jobs generation and it is not just about the work, but the connections that will give me a headstart in claiming my piece of the YouEconomy that has no expiry date!

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