10,000 steps a day!

Everyone walks the moment he/she gets out of bed, be it at home, out to work or school and even for recreation. While some say that walking is a form of exercise, others would tell you that walking daily is an essential movement. To put it simply, walking can help you stay moderately active if you are walking 7,000 to 10,000 steps daily.

3d small people - movement to the best

So truly, what are the benefits of walking ? Let me share 10 good reasons to start walking seriously:

  1. It improves your sleep, especially helpful for those with insomnia.
  2. It can make you smart as it helps to increase blood flow through the brain.
  3. Regular walking of 10,000 steps can help you lose weight and improve your self image. It can burn up to 20% of your calories intake.
  4. Taking a walk during lunch time can have a significant impact in your mood and may help to reduce your work-related stress.
  5. Regular walks helps to counter the effect of too much sitting, which increase the risk of many health issues, such as obesity and heart disease.
  6. Regular evening walks with your spouse or family is a great time to catch up and for bonding.
  7. Walking daily can help improve your quality of life, as you take time to relax (be it walking in silence or listening to music), reflect and meditate.
  8. Daily walking reduces to risk of stroke, especially for men above 60.
  9. If you walk in natural area, such as the beach or grass, your body can absorb free electrons from the Earth.  According to some studies, these electrons have powerful antioxidant effects that can protect your body from inflammation
  10. Walking 10,000 steps daily means you have walked about 9 km! That is a great achievement!

How do you know that you have achieve 10,000 steps daily?

  • There are many fitness trackers that you can purchase, such as Mi Band.
  • You can also download health app, such as S Health, to your smartphones to monitor your steps. Most smartphones have UV built-in sensors.


Recently, Singapore started a National Steps Challenge, encouraging people to aim for 10,000 steps a day.

You will receive a step tracker upon payment of a sign-up fee. Every step will earn you points that you can accumulate to redeem rewards and qualify for lucky draws.  I just redeemed & received a $5 NTUC voucher!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get up and get started!

Live a life Above the Line!


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