7 Tips to Live a Cheap and Enjoyable Life in Singapore

Many friends told me it is difficult to maintain a simple lifestyle in Singapore. My wise aunt would say it is all about managing your own expectation and spending, and I totally agree with her. I want to stress that maintaining a simple lifestyle doesn’t mean leading a boring life. Let me share some tips to live a simple, cheap and enjoyable life.

  1. Eating. Instead of going for expensive high teas or expensive cuisine, you can have a sumptuous local/international meal at any Singapore Hawker Centres or Highlander Coffee Shops for a reasonable cost.  For those who are keen to put on their apron & have some fun in the kitchen, you can consider a potluck session with your friends. There are thousands of  recipes ranging from appetisers, main course, to dessert, even a variety of concoction for cocktail.  Check out these websites for some awesome recommendations: Hungrygowhere,  ieatishootipost, ladyironchef, lonelyplanet
  2. Free Wifi. You can enjoy free wifi across all parts of Singapore, at cafes, wifi hotspotsChangi Airport and 33 of our MRT stations.
  3. Free Guided Tours. Kudos to all the volunteers for making these free guided tours probable at the National Museum of Singapore, along Singapore River & Chinatown, Changi Museum War Trails, National Park Walks & Tours (only some are free), Singapore Botanical Gardens, etc.
  4. Group activities. You can engaged in group activities through voluntary work (e.g SG Cares), Singapore Running Portal, Fitness Event Calendar, Meetup, etc.
  5. Free Performance. Performance by SSO, Theatre on the Bay (Esplanade), Free Events in Town, 37 Fun & Free Things to do, Light & Water Show at Marina Bay Sands.
  6. Stimulation for the Brain and Mind. We have a total of 27 Public Libraries in Singapore, where you can find books, music and films. They do organize events, such as storytelling, talks and exhibitions, for all ages.  You can also borrow ebooks using the Overdrive mobile app.
  7. Courses, Activities & Interest Groups.  If you are a Passion Card holder, you are in for a big treat!  Check out the Facebook of Singapore Really Really Free Market.

You know what? I love Singapore 🙂


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