Interesting findings from a newly-trained first aider

First-Aid-Supplies-OnlineI have attended a Standard First Aid with CPR+AED course recently and I must say that it has been enriching.  It also makes me think what I can do proactively so that I can remember the techniques and, at the same time, feel useful. The following are 5 interesting findings:

Mobile Application

There are 2 mobile applications that I have found very useful and I would like to share with you.

  • If you are currently residing in Singapore and would like to be available as a First Responder, you can download myResponder.  It will prompt you to render first aid to Cardiac Arrest cases near you before the ambulance arrives.  It could be performing CPR or helping to apply AED to revive the casualty.  myResponder will also highlight the nearby AEDS.
  • mySCDF is another mobile application that is absolutely useful for anyone in any parts of the world.  It has Life Saving Procedures for CPR, Choking, and the operation of a fire extinguisher.  I would only recommend those who are AED trained to operate the medical device.

Rescue TV Programme

For those who subscribe to Cable TV, I highly recommend 2 rescue TV programme that I love:

  • Bondi Rescue – you will find a team of trained lifeguards, committed to their rescue effort, such as drowning and cardiac arrest cases
  • King Cross ER – watching the emergency department saving lives was an emotional, heart-stopping and thought-provoking experience

Just for laugh

For basic knowledge of everyday first aid, you can visit BritishRedCross to watch the video. Be Ready, not Sorry.


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