Self-Made “Most Inspiring Employee”

Whether you are an employee or elf-employed, the following tips (adapted from What colour is Your Parachute 2014, written by Richard N Bowles) are most essential to make you a complete turn on!


  1. You are punctual, arriving at work on time or better yet, early; who stay until quitting, or even leave late.
  2. You are dependable.  This is especially important if you do not wish to be micro-managed.
  3. You have a good attitude.  Remember to smile 🙂
  4. You have driver, energy and enthusiasm.
  5. You want more than a pay-check.
  6. You are self-disciplined, well-organised, highly motivated, and good at managing your time.
  7. You can handle people well.
  8. You can use language effectively.
  9. You can work on a computer.
  10. You are committed to teamwork.
  11. You are flexible, can respond to novel situations, or adapt when circumstances at work change.
  12. You are trainable, and love to learn.  Read books, read your environment, read people!
  13. You are project-oriented and goals-oriented.
  14. You have creativity and are good at problem-solving.
  15. You have integrity.
  16. You are loyal to the organisation.
  17. You are able to identity opportunities, markets, and coming trends.

The working world is ever changing.  Having worked overseas for 2 years, I would say the top of the chart for me is #15 and #12, particularly the love for learning.  Learn to take risk, the good things, new things and to do things differently.  Doing things the same way and you will always get the same outcome.  That does not click.

Make it a personal mission to be a self-made “Most Inspiring Employee” and stay hungry.


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