7 things I do that improves my life

1) Reading
I love to read and it is a protected time in my life. Reading makes me relax and gives me time to take deep breathe. Reading helps me reflect on the things I have been doing and if it is worth continuing or if there is a better way to do things. I like to share the quotes that inspires or challenges me. Most of all, It always thrills me to discover hidden treasures in the books.

2) Purpose in Life
Purpose gives me a reason to exist. It is like the mission statement in any organization to justify its existence. Somehow, my pathway is brighter & clearer, and it is kind of sad to see many people chasing for temporal things that is within reach, when actually they are really aimless, directionless, and even without a clear identity.
Having a purpose in life helps to grow my courage, confidence & endurance as I encounter failures & difficulties. Having a purpose does not promise an easy life, but It heightens my self-awareness, helps me understand what I want and be more confident as an individual.
I encourage you to take some time to ask yourself what is your purpose in life, and then organize your life with the purpose in mind.

3) Travel
I promise myself that I will visit a new place every year, or revisit a place after ten years. It takes me out of my comfort zone. Naturally, I am more alert and ask more questions because I do not want to waste time. Also, as I become more connected on social media, there is so much that I want share with others, such as on Instagram, Facebook, my personal Blog and with the Couchsurfing community.

4) Being alone
Being alone alert my senses. For example, eating alone makes me pay more attention to what I am eating. It gives me time to think & declutter my mind. Usually, the most important decision is made when I am alone. When i am alone, the voices around me fades away and help me focus on what really matters. Also, I have travelled alone and lived alone, and they have been one of the best experiences I had in life.

5) Focus
When I was young, I was a pessimistic kid and have the tendency to compare myself with others. Instead of seeing problems as challenges to hone my skills, I freeze and simply sit there feeling overwhelmed. Obviously, that is not very productive, in fact it is counter productive. Every hurdle is a roadblock.
Things change for the better when I start listing my challenges and focus my energy to overcome my fears one at a time. Focus helps me cope better, regain control of my emotions, stay calm and manage my expectations correctly.

6) Build Relationships
Playing multiple roles at home and at work can be very tiring. But I love every part of it because I love my family, friends and my career. At work, I need to go to work with a clear head to make sure I am working to my best ability to meet the needs of the organization and people. When I am with my family & friends, I want to give them my full attention instead of thinking about my work. That I must say is impossible if there is no love for the people and love does not exists if there is no relationship. I believe when we are at our deathbeds, we will likely regret not spending more time with people rather than with work. What matters most in life is relationship.

7) Spend time with Jesus
He is the best! Without him, I wouldn’t have gotten out of my pessimistic state of mind, experience love & hope, & the determination to stay afloat no matter what. Most importantly, I wouldn’t have landed myself in the best job ever, teaching. I learn a lot as I teach, my perspective is constantly challenged by the people I meet (children & parents of different generation). Thank you Jesus for blessing me so much 🙂



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