I say goodbye to 2014

2014 has been quite an interesting year for me and I just want to pen down some beautiful things that happened in my life.

  1. In Myanmar for the 2nd year.  I bid farewell to my colleagues in Mandalay and relocate to Yangon for a new posting.  Having taught in Singapore for 16 years, teaching in Myanmar has given me one of the most interesting cross-cultural experience.  It is a very international community with teachers and students from ten different nationalities.  I would say cross-cultural communication has been one of my greatest learning area, not to forget the steep learning curve from a teacher to a principal.
  2. Zumba Fitness.  I was introduced to Zumba Fitness in 2007.  In 2013, I introduced it to my students in Mandalay and this year to my students in Yangon.  We even organized a Zumba Fitness Championship in school and many volunteered to perform at the Education Fair in Sedona Hotel, Yangon.  I love Zumba Fitness because it makes exercising so much more enjoyable and helps build my confidence.  Zumba Rocks!
  3. Chicken Pox.  Yes, I had chicken pox in my 40s and it was a depressing experience.  Pox invaded my face, my scalp, my body without my permission and I was suffering from migraine for a week.  I am so glad that I recovered without a scar on my face and I hope this is the one and only chicken pox invasion in my entire life!!!
  4. Facebook. Blog.  I launched the school facebook, and am delighted to attained more than 15,000 LIKES within 8 months.  That is indeed an impressive achievement!!!  Besides managing the school facebook, I have my personal Community Facebook page, sharing good reading articles and quotes from various sources, both online and offline.   I also started blogging more regularly and it is a good exercise to remind me to do things that count rather than counting the things I do.
  5. Traveled.  I traveled with my friends to Hong Kong, Macau and Bangkok. Since I am residing in Myanmar, I also took the golden opportunity to visit Bago, Bagan, Pyin Oo Lwin, Lashio, Pyay and Inle Lake, for work as well as for leisure.  While traveling can be tiring, I always enjoy trying new food and roaming new streets, hoping to be pleasantly surprised with new experience.
  6. Run. I started a running club in school to promote health lifestyle, at the same time, to encourage students to sign up for the KBZ 5 km MUSIC RUN.  We had more than 60 students, staff, parents and friends who signed up and ran together at the race.  It was fun 🙂

I am grateful to God for taking me out of my comfort zone, to experience life in a new environment.  It challenges my perspective and stretches my limit.  If you are reading this, I want to encourage you to embrace the challenges ahead of you and overcome them.  Remember. Live life.  Love life 🙂




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