1 plus 1 plus 1 = Truly Happy Life

To lead a truly happy life, we need purpose, challenge and pleasure, that is my 1 plus 1 plus 1 formula to a truly happy life.


Have you read the book “A Purpose Driven Life” written by Rick Warren?  If you have not, please do.  Personally, I had gained much insights to how I can be more intentional in the way I live my life instead of letting things ‘just happen’.  The reading would challenge your current state of mind, your comfort zone and your existence.  Your focus on self would be redirected to people, be it in your career, friendship or family.  And I fully agree that at the end of our lives, what really matters is relationships.

Hence, my life purpose statement is “Make a difference (MAD) in the lives of others, just as God has made (and still making) a difference in mine.”

To me, it is simple yet profound.  It is a lifetime project! What about yours?
image          image


imageMost of the time, I would say challenges are good as it keeps us learning, stretches us potential and obviously gives us a sense of achievement when we learn something new or accomplished something great.  Instead of seeing challenges as a threat, change the way you think and push yourself to be comfortable to do the same thing differently or do something else.  Open yourself to a world of new experiences and opportunities – it could be well worth it.

I agree that challenges can lead to depression if not handled well.  I know failure is scary, and it is normal to fear failure.  Stop telling yourself “I don’t know how,” “I am not trained,” “I am overwhelmed” and replace it with “I can learn how,” and “Let me list things down and take one step at a time.”  Do forget to yourself with positive people that encourage, support and contribute to your success rather than sabotaging or draining you emotionally.


While some people find pleasure in combining career and hobby, I delight in simple pleasures of life that is forgotten in the midst of complex pursuits in life.  Trust me.  I am definitely not talking about adopting a passive mentality.  It is action time!!

  1. Enjoy the pleasure of drinking water.  Yes, water, not soda, sugary or caffeinated drinks.  It hydrates you, improves your healthy & skin quality; it gives you energy.
  2. Eat. Eat. Eat. Eat every 3-4 hours and I mean eating small meals!  Watch your waistline and not end up horizontally challenged!  HAHAHA!!!!
  3. Sleep is a pleasure and when I have sufficient sleep, I enjoy the high level of productivity.
  4. Exercise is good as it produce endorphin that makes you happy and it keeps you fit too.  I find it most enjoyable exercising with music.  You can try some Zumba Fitness routine on YouTube!
  5. Making time to build relationships is also pleasurable as it makes us feel good and loved.  Do not limit to existing relationships.  I encourage you to make new friends 🙂
  6. Be it alone or with someone, chill out.  You can do something you like or do something different.  It should be relaxing rather than stressing you out.  Remember we all have different personality and thus some things is relaxing to one but stressful to others.




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