A Creative State of Mind

To me, being creative is a state of mind.

It is about staying fresh through new experiences or doing the same thing differently. It will constantly challenge your outlook, attitude and beliefs. It may invite you to step out of your comfort zone, and, maybe a little more…

Living in a creative state of mind is a choice. Things do not just happen, YOU need to make them happen, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the myriads of opportunities and possibilities that come your way, not to forget the sense of deep freedom, purpose and values to begin with.

Personally, adopting this creative state of mind has created many positive life experiences and successful opportunities in my life. If you do not know where to begin, I suggest that you check out 40 ways to stay creative.

Following are my top 5 from the list to maintain a creative mindset:

1) Read (#8). I love to read and I set aside time to read everyday. I would read books, magazines, articles of different genre as it helps me to reprogram my thoughts. These days, i use many mobile and iPad apps to store my readings. I would download e-books from Overdrive, read online articles from Flipboard and Business Insider, not to forget a list of newsletters I subscribe for reading. The possibilities is endless.

2) Travel (#15). Traveling never fails to recharge my battery to 100% full capacity. While I love to revisit places that I like, I promise myself to visit a new place every year. I always love the learning opportunities and adventure that boost my creativity, and sometimes reveals hidden weaknesses in me that… surprises me… 🙂

3) Challenge Yourself (#17). This can be as simply as trying a new cuisine to challenging your fear, such as height. Groupon has been my all time favorite guide to a new restaurant, a new hotel, and even a new hobby. If you would like a cultural experience overseas, you can consider Couchsurfing or Airbnb.

I constantly set new challenges for myself. Following are some of my personal trophies: participating in 10 km run, backpacking alone, becoming a Zumba Fitness licensed instructor, working in Yangon (currently). Now, I am learning to blog. I must say all the above takes planning, a lot of learning, determination and hard work. But you know what? It is worth it!

4) Watch Motivational Speeches (#32). TED has the most awesome videos for motivational speeches, sharing ideas from a broad spectrum, from academic to entertainment. YouTube is my other source and I use many of these in school for teaching and learning, as well as professional development.


5) Meditate (#19). Well, some people would call it reflection time. To me, reflection is only a subset of meditation. Reflection is an essential habit of life, where we would pause and think about our words, action and thoughts, then decide if we want to repeat them. To meditate, is to reflect on our own being and at the same time, align ourselves with God’s intent for our existence, as we read God’s word, understanding God’s way and will. Meditation has played a significant role in all my decision making in life. It is the key to unlock the limitless power within us.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let the journey of Being the Creative Director of your own life begin today 🙂


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