Lately, there has been blogs, articles and songs written about the topic Happiness.  Personally, I always find the search for happiness to be easy and it really depends on whether one is referring to short term or long term happiness.  Singing a happy song can bring you short term happiness because it lifts your spirit.  Long term happiness is a little complicated as there will always be a mix of struggles, but hey, deep within us, we know it is deep joy than we are looking for.  Nonetheless, happiness is a life saver to give you the positive energy to pursue a purposeful life.

I would like to recommend everyone to read the article “Happiness Hack, 10 ways to be happier, backed by Science”.  Following are the 10 ways listed in the article that can make you happier:

  1. Do More Physical Exercise – Your body will produce endorphin and make you happy.
  2. Get More Quality Sleep – It will maximize your energy and give you greater focus.
  3. Put down your cellphone – Enjoy solitude and spend time with yourself.  You are important.
  4. Take more social time – Relate with real people at real time.
  5. Spend more time outdoors – It increases the oxygen level that runs through your brain that can heighten your creativity level.
  6. Help others for two hours per week – The sense of being helpful warms your heart.
  7. Meditate – Being at peace with yourself.  Let your soul catch up with you 🙂
  8. Practice Gratitude – Connect with people to spread the love and happiness.  What goes round comes round.
  9. Spend time on experience, not things – It enriches your life and makes you whole.
  10. Practice your Spirituality of Faith – You exist for a purpose.  Allow God to show you His will for a purpose driven life.

I am sure most of you are familiar with the above 10 Happy potion.  The question is, did you internalize them and make them a natural part of your life?  Like any new habit, you need to adopt and work on them, own them before they can play it the music of happiness in you.  You will be surprised how such basic habits can transform your life, turning you into a Highly Productive and Successful Person.


I just want to end this blog with the song Happy by Pharrell Williams, a new song routine I am introducing to my Zumba Fitness class.  Enjoy and be happy 🙂


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