Taking baby step each day…

ImageLife can be full of surprises and you do not need any external factors to create the surprise.  Yes, you can be the creator of surprises in multiple aspects of your life, and over time, see its significant impact in your life 🙂

I started long walks in Melbourne, Australia when I was living there for a year.  Initially it was 30 minutes from home to the train station when the workers went on strike.  Then I started walking along the Yarra River from home to the city that took me more than an hour.  I must say the experience was pleasant as the humidity was low & I barely perspire!!

Then I came back to Singapore and I decided to lace up and sweat it out!  I was already 33 when I started running, & I must admit there were no magical feeling but pains & aches over the body.  But over time, I was rewarded with more energy, radiance to my complexion and the endorphin production in my body created feelings of happiness & increased confidence of myself.

Then running got a little routine & in 2007, I decided to sign up for my first-ever 5 km race for ladies.  It was an overwhelming experience running with 8,000 women & I signed up for more races to give me motivation to run.  I am not a competitive runner, I just enjoy the benefits of keeping fit and my weight in check, improving my respiratory health, strengthening my body & improved self-esteem.

By 2010, I was signing up for 10 km races for ladies only as well as races for both gender. The benefits have now increased to a bigger social circle friends who are passionate about running.  As I looked back to my first baby step to start running, I am ever thankful for the step of courage to try something that seems impossible and now, I am reaping the immeasurable harvest!  Let no fear overcome you, but rather overcome your fear, and you will surely be pleasantly surprised by yourself 😉

I am definitely looking forward to my 2012 Sundown 10 km with my friends this evening 🙂

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