Body Language speaks louder than words

Communication conveys information such as facts and feelings.  To me, it is a tricky business because it is more than WORDS!  The non-verbal communication such as body language, gesture, facial expression and eye contact; object communication such as clothings, hair-style and tone of voice, do play a significant role and have greater impact on the listener than just the information content.  Note that 55% of the message sent is from body language, 38% from the tone of voice and 7% from the words.

Let us then look at some examples of body language:

  • Brisk, erect walk – Confidence
  • Walking with hands in pockets, shoulders hunched – Dejection
  • Locked ankles – Apprehension
  • Standing with hands on hips – Readiness, aggression
  • Sitting with legs crossed, ot kicking slightly – Boredom
  • Sitting, legs apart – Open, relaxed
  • Sitting with hands clasped behind head, legs crossed – Confidence, Superiority
  • Open palm – Sincerity, Openness, Innocence
  • Arms crossed on chest – Defensiveness
  • Biting nails – Insecurity, Nervousess
  • Tapping or drumming fingers – Impatience
  • Steepling fingers – Authoritative
  • Rubbing hands – Anticipation
  • Hand to cheek – Evaluation, Thinking
  • Hands clasped behind back – Anger, Frustration, Apprehension
  • Stroking chin – Trying to make a decision
  • Touching, slightly rubbing nose – Rejection, Doubt, Lying
  • Pinching bridge of nose, eyes closed – Negative Evaluation
  • Rubbing the eye – Doubt, Disbelief
  • Looking down, face turned away – Disbelief
  • Head resting in hand, eyes downcast – Boredom
  • Pulling or tugging at ear – Indecision
  • Tiled head – Interest
  • Patting/ fondling hair – Lack of self-confidencfe, Insecurity

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