Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) way to Beauty

The 6 common types of TCM treatment are (1) Herbs, (2) Medicinal diet, (3) Food treatment, (4) Acupuncture, (5) Massage, and (6) Qigong.  In this post, I will share about the type of food relating to the 5 elements of our body (

  • Heart (colour : red)
Food: Tomato, carrot, watermelon, etc. (rich in vitamins, glucose)
Function: Improve appetite, brighten the skin & improve new cell growth
  • Lungs (colour: white)
Food: White fungus, egg white, lotus seed (boost immunity system)
Function: Supplementing the lungs, increasing breathing capacity, whitening effect
  • Liver (colour : green)
Food: Spinach, towel gourd & mast green vegetables & fruits like green apples, kiwi, etc. (reduce inflammation and infection)
Function: To rectify qi
  • Spleen (colour : yellow)
Food: Soya, peanuts, ginger, etc. (delay aging, recuperating the digestive system)
Function: Benefiting the qi & invigorate the spleen, nourishing the stomach
  • Kidney (colour : black)
Food: Seaweed, black fungus, black sesame (lower cholesterol, reduce hardening of blood vessels & delay aging)
Function: Nourish the kidney & darkening the hair, improving the blood circulation
The above notes are taken from TCM workshop conducted by Creative Body Studio.  If you are interested to learn more, you can email

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