Sapa Vietnam

For travellers who are looking for a mountainous area to trek & rub shoulder with ethnic minority people, this is where you want to be! Two highlights of my trip were:

1) Visit the Lao Chai village.  I took a half day trekking trip with personalised driver & tour guide.  It was wonderful experience walking through the beautiful mountain terrain & the cooling climate made the walking more bearable.  My tour guide was very knowledgeable & friendly, & it was amazing that she could converse in English so well without proper education.

2) Visit to the Bac Ha Market.  It is only available on Sunday and is a half day trip.  You can also opt for a full day trip inclusive of buffalo cart ride and a boat ride.  Bac Ha market is a marketplace where people of different ethnic group shop for commodity from embroidered clothes, farming produces, poultry, vegetable & spices, pets, animals for farming and handphones.  Tourists can easily find souvenirs such as handicraft and sit down for a meal at their local food stalls.

For more information, you can click

The Lao Chai Villager at the Padi
Photo taken on Buffalo Cart
My guide with a local @ the Bac Ha Market
Food stalls @ Bac Ha Market
Want to buy a skirt
Young mother doing marketing with her family
Hair-cut @ the marketplace

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